Find out more about what is included at Historic Oakdale Ranch:


Our English Walnut Tree Orchards

We have three main locations for our weddings. One of these locations is in our vast English Walnut Tree Orchards, which is primarily used for either ceremonies or receptions. Rays of sun light glaring through the walnut trees provides a wonderful setting for a ceremony, and by night adding hanging twinkling lights to the trees offers a great setting for a reception. You can’t go wrong with either option.

If you have an interest in an Orchard wedding, our English Walnut Tree Orchards start blooming in April and they fully bloom in May. However, our orchards are still regularly used for weddings during the rest of the year as well.


Pond and Lawn Area

Our second wedding area is a beautiful 2 acre pond. Connected to the pond is a grass lawn area that we use for both weddings and receptions. This area is particularly scenic and well-loved by all of our guests. The pond also includes a gazebo area for your caterer’s needs such as running water, electricity, counter top space and shade. Not to mention that our lawn is also equipped with water, electricity, an arch way, and two running fountains in the pond on both sides of the lawn.

You will find our pond is conveniently located near one of our parking locations and across from our orchards. Many of our guests will choose to do one part of their wedding at the pond and another part in the orchards.

Large Rustic Barn

Our third and newest area is our large rustic barn. This large barn is the real deal as it offers a true country feel. Don’t be fooled though, this space is capable of being transformed into quite the space. You can give your wedding a true rustic farm feeling or dress it up a bit to make it country chic. This space is all up to the beholders imagination.

The back half of our barn is still used for farming, but that doesn’t stop us from helping our brides transform the front of the barn into the wedding they have always envisioned. With the help of our new rustic wood dividers, 3 large rustic door panels used as props and backdrops, we separate the two parts of the barn while adding a secluded area for caterers. This gives caterers access to the back of the barn for set up (includes running water and tables to use for prepping food) and a separate entrance from the reception.

Our rustic barn can be used for either a ceremony or reception, and it has a front patio that is great for cocktail hour. Another plus is that it provides access to close parking as well.

Although our barn isn’t located next to our pond or orchards, it is just a short walk or a hay ride away as we like to say. The barn can hold us to 275 wedding guests, and it can also be used as a back up option for rainy or windy days.

Some photos by: Sweet Marie Photography


Our Beautiful Refurbished Bel Air

The owner of our rustic venue, Brent Stephens, has a beautiful refurbished Bel Air that is another perk of our venue.  Upon request, we provide our brides with the ultimate entrance to their ceremony as they roll up in our Classic Bel Air.

We also allow the bride and groom to take photos with the Bel Air.

Photo by Liz Bassey Studios


Big Red Farm House


Our large farm-house is privately owned property, and although the family still uses the house, we still allow access to certain parts of the house for our wedding parties. You can find our quaint Bridal Suite on the second floor, while the backyard creates a great hang out place for the boys (restroom available for them at the pool house), and the front of the house is available for the photography needs of our bridal parties.

The front of the house is one of our guests favorite photography locations. The vibrant red of our farm-house along with a beautiful fountain out front of the house creates the perfect backdrop for photos. Not to mention, if you’re looking for a little added greenery in your photographs, our backyard might fill your needs nicely.


Bridal Suite


Our quant little bridal suite is in the upper part of our farm-house.  Like the rest of the farm, it has its own history. The farm-house was originally built as a storage area for grain, then it became a nursery, and eventually it became the beautiful home for the Stephens’ family. This house still has many of its traditional features, which make you feel like you are stepping back in time.

As you make your way up the private entrance way towards the second floor, you will find a quant space to prepare for your wedding. As a perk, we recently updated the room to have a make up station. Also, across the hall there is a space we use for an extra guest area, a restroom and a kitchen for use on your big day.


Photography Opportunities On Locations



We have seen many excited photographers at our Venue. Some have called it their favorite location. This is why we allow our couples a free photography session for their engagement at our venue.

Although photographers can find endless photo opportunities at our location, we would like to highlight a few for you.

As previously stated, we have our red farm-house, large rustic barn, large willow trees, farm fields, walnut orchards, rolling Capay Hills (that get a beautiful sunet backdrop later in the day), sunflowers (seasonal), and a pond area.

In each of these areas you can find endless ideas and farm props that are perfect for your wedding photos.